For the artist
in all of us

Casual creative play for
your mind and body

Say hello to your art studio in a pouch

Premium art supplies and thoughtfully curated kits in one convenient pouch for optimal exploration and portability.

Experience the scientific benefits of art

  • Feel nourished
  • Lower stress & anxiety
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Practice playfulness

Art Life Practice lives at the intersection of art and wellbeing: Science has found - and proven time and again - that there is a powerful connection between art-making and fulfillment, emotional grounding and mental clarity.

Happy customers

Happy customers

Really fun kit - perfect for my Galentine's Day event. Customer service was wonderful, the product was described accurately, super fun, variety of collage materials, delivery on time. Would absolutely order again!
— Evan C. / Chicago

Happy customers

Limits exist only in your mind - and never before has this phrase been more true than when I first opened my gift of ALP! I adore art but have not the teeniest, tiniest bit of artistic talent so I just walked around the box for days until one night I laid out all of the contents, learned what a ‘zine’ was, and tried to organize my thoughts to create my first ever collage, or artwork of any kind, at 78 years of age.
— Ellie Z. / New York

Happy customers

Enjoyed exploring new territory - The main ingredient in the ALP Kits is that there is no dead end. There is no wrong way of doing anything - you can read the brochures and learn, and then be your own creative artist which is so beautiful! The kits are endless - you don’t just work on it for a few hours and you’re finished. You can put it aside and revisit it, add to it - whenever you want on your own time.
— Clare C. / San Diego

Happy customers

Cannot say enough good things about these amazing kits! They are wonderful for both kids and adults. I love that the boxes include everything from materials, easy to follow instructions, and history on the origin of the art form. They are great for gifts! I ended up buying one for myself too!
— Ellen R.

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