The Watercolor Kit

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Watercolor your way to a clearer mind, a joyful heart, and a more empowered you. 

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned artists, the Watercolor Kit comes with all the premium art supplies, inspiration, and instructions needed to start your own creative practice.

Learn the basics of how to use watercolor paint to create unique art works. Or, follow the included creative prompts for open-ended play and exploration, which is proven by science to lower stress and anxiety and provide mental clarity.

What’s inside your watercolor kit
  • Art Life Practice Crimson Canvas Zippered Pouch for safely storing supplies
  • 12 Van Gogh watercolor paints in refillable pans
  • 3 Round-tip watercolor brushes in sizes 4, 6, and 8
  • Ultra-fine tip marker to accompany your watercolors
  • 30 Canson cold press watercolor papers in 6x6" circular and square, and 4x6" postcard size enclosed in a glassine envelope for protection
  • How-to guide and create play prompts for your watercolor journey
What can I make with the Watercolor Kit?

Lots of things! You can make at least 30 different artworks (or more if you cut your watercolor paper into smaller pieces). You can make postcards to send to friends near and far, you can take your kit on a picnic and make a landscape artwork, or you can gather some flowers, fruits, vegetables and household objects and paint a beautiful still life. 

Who is this best for?

The Watercolor Kit is for anyone who is interested in having a casual creative practice as a part of their toolset for wellbeing. Suited for both beginners and seasoned artists alike, the Watercolor Kit is the perfect staple to keep around the house, or companion on journeys near and far. 

What is the best watercolor paint?

We believe in the importance of using quality materials in one’s creative practice, no matter your skill level. We are thoughtful about sourcing materials, and never want to sacrifice on quality. 

We chose the Van Gogh watercolors because with vibrant and luminous colors and brilliant mixability, these are the perfect choice for creatives of all levels, from beginners to professionals. They are an excellent starting point for people who are new to watercolors and wish to experiment with good quality paints before investing in artist-grade paints. You will find that the Van Gogh watercolors are highly saturated and long lasting, and your artwork will reflect the quality of the paints, no matter what you create.

The Perfect Travel Companion

Bet you didn’t know that every Art Life Practice Watercolor Kit is also a travel watercolor set. All the components to take your practice on the road are here, from the perfectly compact pouch to the just-right papers to the mini watercolor paint set. All you have to do is pick a destination and go, this travel paint kit will take care of the rest.

Art Life Practice watercolor tips

1. Use the ultra-fine marker to draw over dry watercolor to create unique textures and layers.

2. Watercolor paints are extra blendable and more forgiving than tube paints, so go ahead and experiment to your heart’s content.

3. We include three round-tip brushes varying in size, giving you options for your brushstrokes.

4. When it comes to learning how to use watercolor paint, not just any paper will do. The best watercolor paper has the perfect combination of texture and absorbance to make the most of these paints’ transparent, buildable nature.

Find more tips, techniques, and creative play prompts on the blog or on our Instagram page!

Customer Reviews

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Clare-Adair C.
Enjoyed exploring new territory

Enjoyed exploring new territory

Emily N.

These kits are the best gifts for friends!

Mary B.
loved the collage kit

My grandkids (twins, boy and girl are 6 and their sister is 10) all loved the collage kit. They were all very creative with totally different themes and loved trading scraps of the collage to finish their own work. Everything they needed to create a collage was there for them and plenty left over to do more and more.

Ellen R.
Cannot say enough good things

Cannot say enough good things about these amazing kits! They are wonderful for both kids and adults.
I love that the boxes include everything from materials, easy to follow instructions, and history on the origin of the art form. They are great for gifts! I ended up buying one for myself too!

Amanda W.
Beautiful kits!

Beautiful kits!