We're on a mission to help you make casual creative play a part of your everyday life.

We believe that casual creative play is the most fun way to optimize your wellbeing.

Art Life Practice lives at the intersection of art and wellbeing: Science has found - and proven time and again - that there is a powerful connection between art-making and fulfillment, emotional grounding, and mental clarity.

Our kits

Each of our signature Art Kits is designed to inspire a playful, creative discovery process. Made for individuals of all skill levels, the materials in each kit are easy to use and offer infinite possibilities.

Make time and space for casual creative play with us. Your mind and body will thank you for it. 

Our pillars

Supported by Science

Science has proven that creative play strengthens cognitive ability and emotional wellbeing—whether you’re working toward a finished piece or simply creating art for pure enjoyment.

Inspired by Greats

We believe that getting to know trailblazing artists throughout history is the first step in uncovering our creative selves.

Fueled by Fun

Play and creativity are fundamental aspects of human development. Make space for casual artistic discovery; your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

The science

We know that a moderate diet, regular movement, and a good night’s sleep are pillars of wellbeing. But did you know that creative expression is essential to maintain and optimize health and wellness? Check out the scientific evidence from the world’s top research universities.

Founder's note

Hi, I'm Berry.

As an art educator and lifelong learner, I founded Art Life Practice because I believe that creative expression is an essential part of wellbeing, and that everyone should have access to quality experiences with art and creativity. 

Growing up as the daughter of an art history professor, I developed an appreciation for artists of all stripes. With arts education-focused graduate degrees from both Bank Street College of Education and New York University, and professional experience spanning The Whitney, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and LA's Inner-City Arts, I have spent the past 14+ years working to broaden access to arts education and daily creative practice.

The journey of Art Life Practice continues to unfold in new and exciting ways, but the mission remains singular: to make casual creative play a part of your everyday life in order to foster a more joyful, nourished society. We’re here to celebrate art-making for the essential practice that it is!

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