Our Story

  • Who doesn't have a memory sometime, somewhere of letting your inner artist take the lead, of exploring freely with whatever materials were in front of you, then beaming with satisfaction at your finished work? At some point or another - whether age 5 or 85 - we've all likely felt the flow of creativity, and recognized the feel-good feelings that followed.

    Cultivating this very real and very fun human need is what inspired me to start Art Life Practice. As an art educator and lifelong learner I founded A L P because I believe that creative expression is an essential part of wellbeing, and everyone deserves to cultivate everyday joy.

  • Growing up as the daughter of an art history professor, I developed an appreciation for artists of all stripes. With arts-focused graduate degrees from both Bank Street College of Education and New York University, and professional experience spanning The Whitney, The Met and LA's Inner-City Arts, I have spent the past 10+ years working to broaden access to arts education and daily creative practice.

  • In 2018 I converted my garage into an art studio, envisioning it as a casual space for friends to gather, eat, drink, and make art. Before long, it became an important space for connection, creativity, and exploration. Our A L P community was beginning to take shape. At the encouragement of friends, I expanded Art Life Practice into a more structured workshop experience, combining art history and art-making in a playful, experimental and accessible way.

    After hosting workshops all over Los Angeles in unique creative spaces including the Hammer Museum, Gagosian Gallery, ICA LA, and Wilhardt & Naud, A-L-P was hitting its stride in early 2020 β€” and we all know what happened next.

  • Knowing that I had always wanted to extend the

    A L P experience beyond Los Angeles somehow, I was already experimenting with early prototypes of our signature art kits when the world was shutting down in March 2020.

    The journey of Art Life Practice continues to unfold in new and exciting ways, but the mission remains singular: to make free-form creative play a part of your everyday life in order to foster a more joyful, nourished society. We’re here to celebrate art-making for the essential practice that it is!