• Beyond our signature Art Kits, we also host unique in-person workshops for those wanting to explore their inner artist in a guided, group setting. These multi-sensory experiences are fully customizable private events for you and a small group of creative co-pilots. We'll tailor the materials, instruction, food and drink to fit your group's needs and goals - all you need to bring is your creative curiosity and we will come to you!

    From casual afternoon art-making with friends to bringing brands communities together, we've worked with a range of private groups and corporate wellness programs to create beautiful art-based experiences.

    Interested? Reach out to us at to start planning your dream workshop.

Reviews & Testimonials

Very Fun!

β€œVery fun and ran so exceptionally well. Entire event was executed very impressively, from the composed still life scenes to the art materials to the seating areas to the art history presentation to the crowd composition to the timing of the daylight into night and the post-art making discussion and the mingling at the end.”

Amazing experience

Enriching, experiential, meditative, unique experience.

A-L-P at Gagosian

Berry came wonderfully prepared with materials and so much knowledge!Β  Before we got to the activity, Berry, a natural teacher, gave us a brief history of collage which not only educated us, but stirred our creative minds. Berry not only brought a wealth of knowledge to the workshop but encouraged us to let our creative guards down as well. Many of our staff remarked that they found it refreshing to return to artmaking/play which most of us have given up as adults.