The Guided Sketchbook


The ultimate companion for both budding creators and seasoned artists. This is not just another sketchbook; it's your perfect initiation into a daily creative practice.

Whether you're staring at blank pages, unsure where to start, or constantly immersed in your artistic journey, the Guided Sketchbook is our answer to the need for a creative outlet that sparks inspiration and encourages lifelong learning. 

Opening a blank sketchbook and staring at the vast emptiness of the pages can feel overwhelming and intimidating, so we’ve created something unique to elevate your creative practice: through a series of creative play prompts related to elements of art and various art genres, your imagination will be activated and your soul inspired. 

Plus, it’s a sketchbook with a little art history too! How many sketchbooks introduce you to the iconic artists who shaped 20th century art and inspired countless people? Not many! But we believe that getting to know trailblazing artists throughout history is the first step in uncovering our creative selves.