The Collage Kit


Slow way down - stop scrolling and start collaging your way to clarity.

This best-selling all-in-one art kit has enough premium collage supplies to fill a 60-page journal, create up to six unique cards, and more!

What’s inside your collage kit
  • Art Life Practice zippered pouch for safely storing supplies.
  • 60-page sketchbook / journal
  • 6 5x7" cards and envelopes
  • 20 sheets of hand-curated papers including signature collage sheets, metallic, handmade Thai paper, glitter, marbled, and decorative papers.
  • Scissors to explore “drawing with scissors”
  • A UHU glue stick
  • How-to collage guide full of ideas and techniques on creating mixed media artwork.
What is collage art?

Collage describes both the process and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, photographs, or fabric are cut up, torn, reappropriated in some way and glued onto a supporting surface. Learn about the history of collage here!

What can I make with the Collage Kit?

With the Collage Kit, you can fill a 60-page journal with different artworks, and create up to six cards to send out to loved ones near and far. There will definitely be plenty of extra collage papers to make more than six cards, and if you want to buy more cards and envelopes or journals, you can replenish them here! We encourage you to incorporate your own materials as well! The zippered pouch and glassine envelope makes it easy to store your various papers, turning scraps into future collage treasures.

Who is this best for?

The Collage Kit can be appreciated and enjoyed by creators ages 10-110, and is a great art form for those who may shy away from drawing or painting. Each kit comes with a step-by-step how-to guide, offering instruction and inspiration to jumpstart your collage-making journey.

Collage Journaling

On its own, art-making is a powerful tool for self-betterment. Combine it with the positive effects of journaling, and you’ve got a creativity-unlocking one-two punch. With your collage notebook you can put your thoughts, emotions, wishes, and whims to paper—using both writing and collage as you see fit.

Art Life Practice collage tips:

1. Use each journal page as a blank canvas, and create monochromatic collages to get the creative juices flowing. Remember your journal is just yours, don’t be scared to get started - there are no mistakes in art, just new directions.

2. Begin your project by choosing a theme: landscapes and nature, animals, patterns, textures, etc.

3. Collage is also fun to do in a group: Gather a few of your nearest and dearest and get to cutting and pasting!

4. Each premium collage paper pack is unique—sourced by our founder from the finest paper makers in the world— and you'll get up to six 5x7" greeting cards, so you can use the papers to create uniquely personalized cards for friends and loved ones.

Find more tips, techniques and creative play prompts on our blog or our Instagram page!