With back-to-school morning mayhem looming or already in full swing, it can be challenging to find time for yourself in the mornings. Instead of jumping onto the hamster wheel of work and life, take 10 minutes to create for a morning boost of serotonin and increased productivity throughout the day!

Nature Drawing 

Find something from nature - this could be a flower, piece of fruit, leaf, or indoor plant. Create a loose sketch using your watercolor paints, capturing the object’s shape, colors, texture, etc. Don’t worry about how it looks - neuroscientists have proven that you don’t have to be technically “good” at art making to receive the health benefits from a regular creative practice.

Cool color / organic shape exploration

Using the cool color tones (blues, greens and purples), draw organic shapes of all sizes. Organic shapes are often reminiscent of those found in nature and have curved lines (think Matisse cut-outs or Jean Arp shapes.

Make a pattern with radiating lines or shapes 

Begin by drawing or painting one small concentric mark or shape in the center of the page. This could be dashes in a circular shape, or some kind of organic circular shape. Next, repeat the mark or shape outwards, and watch it grow - or radiate around the page.