The Art Life Practice reason for being is simple: to help you cultivate a life filled with beauty and inspiration in order to live more mindfully and meaningfully. What better way to start this journey than by filling your home with little reminders of your creativity? Here are four easy ways you can integrate your own creative expression into your home.

Make an inspiration board for your kitchen 

Gather items that inspire you - from travel photos and textured papers to magazine clippings and dried flowers. Create a mood board that serves as a daily reminder to stay inspired and connected to beauty. 

Paint a watercolor still life for your living room 

Using materials from your Watercolor Kit, create a small still life work based on something real or imagined. To set up a still life composition, find 2-4 objects ranging in size and shape, and arrange them so that they are on different planes. You can embellish details and make it as abstract or fantastical as you want it to be.

Collage an intentions card for your bedside table 

What better way to start and end each day than by reflecting on a handmade reminder of a quote that inspires you, or a visualization of your goals and intentions?

Create a mixed media zine for your coffee table.

Who says that coffee tables are just for books and an occasional candle? Give your coffee table more dimension and individuality with a mixed media zine made by you.