According to James Clear’s Atomic Habits, we create good habits by making them “obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying.” How can you make casual creative play your newest healthy habit? Here are four easy steps to get started. 

  1. Let go of the idea that you’re not creative or an artist. As humans we were born to create, and everyone is capable of creative expression. 

  2. Figure out what mode of creative expression speaks to you. Discovering what creative outlet you are particularly drawn to - whether you are creating with scissors, colored pencils, a watercolor brush, or a combination of materials - can be a lifelong journey. We love creating mixed media works, combining collage, drawing, and painting because the possibilities are endless!    

  3. Focus on the making, and let go of expectations. You can start by simply doodling and let yourself get lost in the process and just play. It’s the physical act of making art that induces those feelings of stress relief and positivity - not the final product. 

  4. Carve out time and space for casual creative play. Just as you make time to work, eat, exercise, see friends, etc. it’s important to designate time for your creative endeavors. Create a ritual for a certain day or time of day to take just 15-20 minutes to doodle, collage or watercolor. We have designed our signature art kits to be portable and convenient to store all of your art supplies, and our new pouches are a very chic addition to any tabletop.