We put together this Art Life Practice guide to gifts that spark creativity, calm the mind, and open the heart.

Collage Kit: For the Pinterest Addict

Collage Kit
Gift this best-selling all-in-one art kit for the holidays! This kit has enough premium collage supplies to fill a 70-page journal, create up to twelve unique cards, and more! Slow way down - stop scrolling and start collaging your way to clarity.


Watercolor Kit: For the Hibernating Homebody

Watercolor Kit

Watercolor your way to a clearer mind, a joyful heart, and a more empowered you. 
This gift is perfect for both beginners and seasoned artists and it comes with all the premium art supplies, inspiration, and instructions needed to start your own creative practice.

Colored Pencil Roll: For the Color Obsessive

Colored Pencil Kit

The most beautiful and convenient kit to make doodling an intentional part of your day. The Color Pencil Roll is the missing piece to any creative play routine.  

Starter Kit: For the Curious Newbie

A trio carefully crafted to be the perfect entry point for anyone eager to start their artistic adventure. This set includes a Guided Sketchbook, a Colored Pencil Roll, and an Ultra-fine tip marker, working seamlessly together to provide everything you need to ignite your creative spark.

Art Studio: For the Ultimate Creative Journey Seeker

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of watercolors with the Watercolor Kit, explore the art of composition with the Collage Kit, add depth and color to your sketches with the Colored Pencil Roll, and let your imagination flow freely in the pages of the Guided Sketchbook. 

Guided Sketchbook: For the Mindful Doodler

Gift the ultimate companion for both budding creators and seasoned artists. This is not just another sketchbook; it's your perfect initiation into a daily creative practice.

2024 Vision Zine: For the Goal Setter

Our artful answer to conventional vision boards.
Designed to gently guide you through a series of creative exercises, the Vision Zine aims to put your wants and wishes into focus by mapping out your dreams, goals, aspirations, and intentions for the new year. 

Bead Embroidered Ribbon Kit: For the Fashion Forward Friend


Whether you’re an embroidery beginner or expert, a beading newbie or connoisseur, everything you need to make your own ribbon chokers (or hair ribbons, or bracelets) is right here.

The Canvas Art Pouch: For Those On The Go

With its timeless design and multi-use versatility, the Art Life Practice Canvas Art Pouch is more than just a storage solution; it's a stylish statement piece for those who appreciate the intersection of art and everyday life. 

Gift Card: For the Friend Who Has It All

Not sure what to gift your nearest and dearest? Why not give a gift card and let them choose their own creative journey!