One of the (many) cool things about art is that it can be a solitary experience or a social one, without sacrificing an ounce of significance either way.

And the same goes for making art. It's why our Art Kits encourage you to explore your art practice whenever the mood strikes while also lending themselves perfectly to group settings. Vision Zine-ing in particular inspired us to break down the essential elements of hosting a making session with pals. 

You will need: 

  • 1 Vision Zine per guest
  • Magazines and collage materials 
  • Scissors, glue sticks, markers, and pens 
  • The largest table you can find (or a few smaller ones depending on the crowd).
  • This vibey playlist
  • Candles, flowers, etc. to conjure feelings of comfort 

Step 1: Make a date in January with a handful of like minded friends.

Step 2: Have a Vision Zine ready for each attendee.

Step 3: Assign everyone snack board ingredients to arrange at the center of your workspace (for easy picking).

Step 4: Press play on our vibey playlist.

Step 5: Read through the prompts together to get inspired before the individual making begins.

Step 6: Allow ample time for everyone to get lost in the process - this can take hours!

Step 7: Finally, take turns sharing your finished zines and encourage the group to keep each other accountable throughout the year.