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Our mission is to present art-making as a universally essential part of well-being and to foster a rich community of learners and explorers.
Creativity refers to an ability to experience the world and find ways to present it back differently. Studies show that at age five we all exhibit a powerful capacity for creativity and divergent thinking.
By the time we reach adulthood, however, that capacity is largely depleted. Cuts in funding for visual arts education are partly to blame, but the real problem is how we as a society think of creativity as a skill.

We mythologize creativity, as something elusive and limited to a small subset of people with an innate knack for it. 
Art Life Practice proposes to change this view and present creativity as something to be cultivated in us all, at any time. It asks us to think of creative practice the same way we’ve thought of literacy for over a century.
When people almost universally learned to read and write, societies were transformed not by a glut of writers and poets, but by more informed citizens with an increased capacity for forming new ideas, connections, and challenges to the status quo.