There are varying degrees of trauma ranging from PTSD and chronic illness, to feeling overwhelmed and pressured by the destabilizing, chaotic world we live in. Further, we all experience loss and grief at some point in our lives, and navigating the emotional and mental anguish can feel too difficult to manage.

Recovery and therapy can take many forms, and everyone can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of art making. When you are experiencing times of grief and trauma, exposure to certain colors can help promote joyfulness (shades of yellow), healing (shades of green) and a sense of tranquility and peace (shades of blues). 

Take some time to create in nature, or a place that brings your comfort and a sense of safety. Allow the difficult thoughts and emotions to ebb and flow, expressing the range of feelings through colors, lines, shapes. Don't worry about how it looks, just be present and draw, paint or collage whatever comes to mind.