Sonia Delaunay (1889-1979), was a Ukrainian-born French artist who spent most of her career in Paris. Delaunay was known for her vivid use of color and her bold, abstract patterns, breaking down traditional distinctions between the fine and applied arts as an artist, designer and printmaker.

Formally trained in Russia and Germany, she fulfilled her dream to France when she was 21, and studied fashion, textiles and set design. In 1910 she married fellow artist Robert Delaunay, and together they founded the Orphism art movement, a variation of Cubism that combined pure abstraction and vivid colors. Fun Fact: Delaunay was the first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre in 1964, and in 1975 was named an officer of the French Legion of Honor.

In addition to being a highly acclaimed painter, Delaunay also had a flourishing career as a fashion designer, as well as set and furniture designer. 

Inspired by the vibrant, fully alive paintings of Sonia Delaunay, create an abstract work filled with shapes and colors. You can use a ruler or stencils if you’d like but it is not necessary. Take some time to explore Delaunay’s works, and get inspired by her bold use of color.