We recently revisited the work of Guyana-born British artist Frank Bowling, and haven’t been able to stop gazing longingly at his lusciously painted artworks. Born in 1934, Bowling moved to London at the age of 19, and went on to study painting at the Royal College of Art - alongside another one of our favorite artists David Hockney. He lived in New York in the 60s, and spent much of his adult life going back and forth between NYC and London. 

What we love about Bowling’s works (where do we even begin) is this complete embrace of experimentation with materials and processes while simultaneously grounding himself in his technical skill. Paradoxically, to be able to experiment so freely takes great discipline, and Bowling executes this balance with the kind of grace and exuberance that is found in truly visionary artists.

Listen to this podcast produced by the Tate to learn more. 

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