Hearts and chocolates are a universally adored Valentine’s Day pairing as old as time—and one we’re leaning into with gusto for a sweet collaboration. andSons is a second-generation LA chocolate shop that has mastered the art of fine sweets. And we at A L P know our way around a handmade, heart-felt Valentine. It’s a match made in, well…you know. 

The limited edition Sweet Hearts Art Kit includes six andSons chocolate-ganache hearts, plus all the materials and guidance to put your creative spin on repurposing the box and to make a dozen original Valentines.

 The unofficial guide to getting the most love out of your Kit:

  • Display your repurposed chocolate box, aka love sculpture, prominently where you’ll see it often. Use it to store your mini Valentines (we sized some just right to fit inside), love letters, mementos, etc.
  • Present the decorated-by-you box with the chocolates still in it; craft the Valentines to give out and make even more hearts sing.  
  • Set a date with a fellow romantic to share the chocolates while crafting the Valentines together. The box is fair game.

Have your chocolates and make art, too.