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The Watercolor Kit


For artists ages 4+, our (Water)Color Field Painting Kit is the kid-friendly version of the Color Field Painting Kit.

Learn about artist Helen Frankenthaler, and create vibrant and colorful artworks using non-toxic liquid watercolors on watercolor paper. 

  • Set of 8 liquid watercolors (2 oz) 

  • 8 petri dishes 

  • 8 pipettes 

  • 12 sheets of watercolor paper varying in size 

  • 2 spray bottles 

  • 1 wide paintbrush 

  • 2 sponges 

  • Rags and protective sheeting for clean-up

1. Order your kit

2. Once your kit arrives, read the included ALP Zine 

3. Watch the How-To video and start creating!

Izzy: I first attended ALP workshops as a social outlet, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how engaged I was in the activities and my own creations. I was nervous that I wouldn't feel as inspired or motivated with an ALP kit, without Berry or my friends encouraging me. But I've found the opposite!  The ALP kits have absolutely every item you could need to create something fantastic  -the boxes are beautifully curated and thoughtfully designed- and I've loved the ability to create and enjoy them in my own home. I can share the experience with my children.. spouse.. friends.. or alone with a glass of wine! We are now proudly displaying our artwork throughout our home and exploring art more fully in our day-to-day lives.