The Bead-Embroidered Ribbon Kit

The Bead-Embroidered Ribbon Kit

Our jewelry making kit is an homage to some of the most influential paintings of the Victorian era, plus an artsy update on a ‘90s gallery-girl essential. Whether you’re an embroidery beginner or expert, a beading newbie or connoisseur, everything you need to make your own ribbon chokers (or hair ribbons, or bracelets) is right here.

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Inside your Kit:

All the artist-quality beading supplies every pro wants and beginner needs to learn beading and embroidery the easy way.
  • Limited-edition drawstring pouch for safely storing supplies.
  • 1 silk ribbon.
  • 2 velvet ribbons.
  • Approximately 40 pearls, turquoise, coral and other fine beads.
  • Embroidery scissors.
  • Black and nude silk threads.
  • 2 needles.
  • Ebony teak pinch pot for easy access to the beads while you work.
  • A how-to embroidery and beading guide.

A L P beading tips:

1. Your kit comes with all the premium materials needed to make three unique pieces of wearable art: choker, hair bow, or bracelet. Make one of each or three of one, it’s entirely up to you!

2. The assortment of real pearls, coral, turquoise, and more fine beads was thoughtfully curated to work for embroidering flat onto the ribbon as well as dangling—no rules, just art!

3. Make art with a friend or two. Divide the three ribbons between some like minded pals to embroider together.