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Elli: “Limits exist only in your mind…”

And never before has this phrase been more true than when I first opened my gift of art life practice! I adore art but have not the teeniest, tiniest bit of artistic talent so I just walked around the box for days until one night I laid out all of the contents, learned what a ‘zine’ was, and tried to organize my thoughts to create my first ever collage, or artwork of any kind, at seventy eight years of age. 

This was May, 2020, and the wretched Covid-19 virus had consumed all of our lives. I happened upon a magazine shot of one our heroes and as our eyes met I knew this was my theme, courage and hope and for two wonderful days I used my scissors as if they were a brush and along with the magazine photos included in my box, I was transported to an amazing cathartic state that was the happiest of these long, long weeks of quarantine. 

Now I am obsessed and cannot even thumb through a magazine without thinking what my next collage theme will of joy, family, hugs, travel...embracing all the wonders of our beautiful world. THANK YOU, Art Life Practice for showing me that limits truly do exist only in our minds.