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The Color Field Painting Kit


Inspired by artists Helen Frankenthaler and Sam Gilliam, this kit explores the art movement of Color Field Painting. 

These artists pushed the boundaries of how paint could be applied to canvas, and their painting processes were very experimental and spontaneous. 
This kit is primarily geared for adults, but we think young artists 10+ would enjoy it as well.

  • Six pieces of raw, unprimed canvas varying in sizes

  • 7 glass jars with acrylic paint

  • Flow Aid (a medium that is a surfactant similar to soap, this helps the paint spread and flow on the canvas)

  • 2 spray bottles 

  • 7 pipettes

  • Wide paintbrush 

  • 1 sponge 

  • 7 wooden dowels for mixing paint 

  • Rags and protective sheeting for clean-up

1. Order your kit

2. Once your kit arrives, read the included ALP Zine 

3. Watch the How-To video and start creating!

Ashley W: The main ingredient in the ALP Kits is that there is no dead end. There is no wrong way of doing anything - you can read the brochures and learn, and then be your own creative artist which is so beautiful!

The kits are endless - you don’t just work on it for a few hours and you’re finished. You can put it aside and revisit it, add to it - whenever you want on your own time.