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The Collage Kit


A collage a day keeps the doctor away!

Collage is one of the most accessible art forms there is, and its history is fascinating. There are infinite ways to make a collage unique, and we’ll introduce you to several ways to make yours look museum-worthy. 

  • A 12x12” sheet of gator board foam (it’s like foam board but hard and sturdy - you’re going to love it) 

  • A UHU glue stick

  • A carefully selected mix of printed materials and decorative papers varying in size, shape, color and texture - made just for you!

  • *Scissors sold separately - check out our favorite pair of collage scissors on the Supplies page 

1. Order your kit

2. Once your kit arrives, read the included ALP Zine 

3. Watch the How-To video and start creating!

Claire: Remember those grade school days, when teachers would set up an art activity, and you could run wild with your imagination (and not worry about “rules” or “mess”)? Our Art Life Practice box gave my daughter and me that kind of experience—joyful, open, educational, and stress-free. My toddler loved mixing and diluting paints, working with her fingers, brushes, and pipettes, and even laying out the plastic and drop-cloth. Every tool one needed was included—and it was all top, professional quality. Thank you, Art Life Practice, for giving us many hours of learning and fun!