Why A-L-P

At its core, Art Life Practice is a platform for creative expression. Our mission is to incorporate art into everyday life by way of curated DIY kits, tutorials, and experiential initiatives.
We believe that a small start can have an exponential effect, and that daily creative practice can lead to continuous cultivation of joy and well-being.  


It turns out that having fun and tapping into your imagination unlocks more than just latent creativity. Regular creative practice has been scientifically proven to improve your mental and physical health, too. From increased positive emotions, reduced stress responses and anxiety levels, decreased depressive symptoms and even immune system improvements, the research is rapidly reaching a consensus — participation in the arts is scientifically proven to strengthen your whole being.


As with any pursuit, awareness of the rule-makers (and breakers!) who came before you helps set the stage for new interpretations. This is why we encourage you to discover trailblazing artists through time, then meet your own genius. Because we are invested in the concept of lifelong learning, we are continually expanding our own blog content with educational narratives about the artists who have shaped movements and inspired generations. Go ahead, immerse yourself in history before letting your intuition guide you to your own adventure. 


Most importantly, joy determines our creative direction. Yes, our approach and our products are grounded in science, but they're also equally rooted in play. Whether you join us for one of our in-person workshops or have fun at home with one of our signature kits, Art Life Practice exists to infuse your everyday with freewheeling creative discovery – no rules, just art.