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For artists, making art is a form of self-care, and exploring a new practice or technique can inspire an entirely new body of work. For employees, entrepreneurs, and teams, there’s a socioeconomic argument for creative practice. As AI and automation move into industries, soft skills like creativity and emotional intelligence are increasingly valuable in the workplace.
According to the World Economic Forumcreativity will replace critical thinking and analysis as a top employable skill by 2022.

Creative leaders are not just comfortable with ambiguity and change; they flourish in it. That’s why, in an IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs, creativity ranked as the number one factor for future success—above management discipline, integrity, and vision. Eight in 10 CEOs expect their industry to become significantly more complex. Only 49%, however, are confident their organizations are equipped to deal with the transformation.
Art Life Practice is the antidote. Open to everyone—artists and non-artists, individuals and teams—Art Life Practice is a response to an urgent need for a creative space for expression and innovation.