A-L-P Digest

The A-L-P Digest our version of a good ol' fashioned blog - a hub for all kinds of resources that aim to educate, inspire, and vitalize your curiosity!

ART: This is where you will find all things artist and art history related. Links to interesting interviews, podcasts, videos of artists in their studio, we've got you covered. Our obsession with artists and art history really comes through here. Get ready to nerd out, friends! 

LIFE: This section of the Digest features articles, videos, etc. on the neuroscience behind creativity and expression. As you know, we are lifelong learners, perpetually in search of the latest scientific finding that further supports our work. It is really fascinating stuff and we'll try our best to make all the science talk as interesting and juicy as possible! 

PRACTICE: We love to think about the word 'practice' in both the noun and verb sense. In this section we offer you an ongoing treasure trove of prompts, project ideas and activities that will help to fuel your creative practice - with the goal for you to integrate creative play into your life on a daily basis.