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The Embroidery Kit

Our Embroidery Kit is the coolest girl in the lunch room. She’s totally original, tons of fun to hang with, and will always bring a smile to your face. This kit is for everyone - no prior experience needed! 
This kit features materials to create multiple embroidered works on the muslin and bandanas provided - as well as apparel add-ons! We also throw in a few extra materials (a variety of beads and sequins) to make your embroidered works truly mixed media.
What’s in the kit:
  • Two embroidery hoops (8" and 4")
  • Two linen bandanas (black and white)
  • A muslin with our signature ART Palette printed on it for easy stitching
  • Twelve clothespins with assorted colored floss 
  • Two embroidery needles
  • Needle threader 
  • Water soluble marker 
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Sequins and beads to zhush up your work