The Collage Kit

The Collage Kit is an excellent choice for dipping your toe into the perfectly warm, inviting water of creative play. Packed with the essentials, this kit contains four boards to collage on, but there will likely be extra collage papers for you to use on future creative endeavors.

Wondering where to begin with creating a collage? Along with the tools and materials, the Collage Kit includes several techniques, ideas, and prompts to loosely guide your creative exploration. 

What's in the Kit:

  • A pack of hand curated papers (approximately 15-20 sheets) including signature collage sheets, metallic, handmade Thai paper, glittered, marbled, and decorative papers
  • A UHU glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A-L-P vinyl-lined canvas zippered pouch 
  • Four Crescent Collage boards (two square and two rectangle)
  • The A-L-P Signature How-to insert full of ideas and techniques on how to create a mixed media artwork  

Recommended for artists ages 4+



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