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The Watercolor Kit


For artists ages 4+, our (Water)Color Field Painting Kit is the kid-friendly version of the Color Field Painting Kit.

Learn about artist Helen Frankenthaler, and create vibrant and colorful artworks using non-toxic liquid watercolors on watercolor paper. 

  • Set of 8 liquid watercolors (2 oz) 

  • 8 petri dishes 

  • 8 pipettes 

  • 16 sheets of watercolor paper varying in size 

  • 2 spray bottles 

  • 1 paintbrush 

  • 2 sponges 

  • Rags and protective sheeting for clean-up

1. Order your kit

2. Once your kit arrives, read the included ALP Zine 

3. Watch the How-To video and start creating!