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Kinetic Art for Young Artists


Are you ready to make a work of art…that moves?

This kit, for artists ages 4+, is inspired by the legendary artist Alexander Calder. In it you will find materials to make a mobile, a type of kinetic art that relies on careful weighting to achieve balance in the air. Learn about Calder and create your very own mobile, using materials including wire, wood, and beads.

What’s in the Kit: 
  • 2 wood dowels 

  • 5 pieces of copper, brass aluminum wire

  • 5 pieces of twisteez (wire coated in colorful plastic)

  • Assortment of beads

  • Assortment of decorative wood pieces 

  • 2 containers of metallic liquid watercolors 

  • 2 Petri dishes 

  • Paintbrush


1. Order your kit

2. Once your kit arrives, read the included ALP Zine 

3. Watch the video and start creating!


Amy L: Art Life Practice's perfectly packaged and presented art experiences are a thrill from start, process, to finish! The materials are so thoughtfully curated and there are supports in the box and online to help guide you, as needed or desired. The kits artfully integrate a creative experience with a learning touchpoint that really deepens the journey!


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