The world of art history is filled with fascinating stories and as such, we hope to highlight the luminaries through history who have shaped and shifted the arts as we know them. From explorations of well-known names to profiles of brilliant creators lesser-remembered by history, our goal is always to inspire by way of educating. Take a look around and discover the stories and styles of some of our favorite A-L-P artists through the ages.

How To: Oil Pastels and Watercolor

One of my favorite mixed media combinations is oil pastel and watercolor. I love the effect of mixing the two - or rather the way that the oil and water never mix...

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How To: Intro to Oil Pastels

We love oil pastels for lots of reasons - their versatility, user-friendliness, they play really well with other art forms - just to name a few. We love oil pastels...

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mmm texture....even the word excites us. Texture.....say it slowly and ponder on the magic of language. It's really something, isn't it?

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