Morning Musings #3 // April 2021

Morning Musings #3 // April 2021

Happy Spring A-L-P Friends! It's the third installment of Morning Musings with Berry, and I've got some fun items to share this month. 

This month's newsletter was inspired by a recent trip to New York where I got to binge on museum visits - making up for lost time. As a former museum educator I feel most at home in museums.

I consider the artworks and objects on display my old friends, and to reunite with them was nothing short of sublime. If you want to see a few highlights from my trip, head to the A-L-P @artlifepractice and I have my photos in the Stories highlights called BerrySees!

Similar to last month, I have created works inspired by each artist's practice using materials from the Art Life Practice kits. This month is a bit different as I have included an artist as well as the visual imagery from a particular historical period. 

I hope you enjoy, and please reach out if you have any questions, feedback or ideas! I love hearing from you - it really makes my day! :) 

Artists of the Month 

Josef Albers, photograph by Arnold Newman, 1948. © Arnold Newman

Josef Albers  

As I have mentioned many times over, Josef Albers (along with his wife Anni) is one of the primary influences on the conception of Art Life Practice. Born in Germany in 1888, Albers was an artist and educator who taught at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and was the head of Yale University's department of design. He is considered one of the most influential educators of the visual arts in the twentieth century. 

Albers is widely known for his work in color theory, demonstrating that color is relative and changes in relationship to colors around it - and that everyone sees colors differently. 

Beginning in 1949, he created a comprehensive series of paintings titled Homage to the Square. As the paintings were all of the same shape and size, this enabled him to explore the visual effects of color and space. Albers painted thousands of these paintings - each one exploring the relationships colors have with one another. To Albers, the interplay of color was paramount. 

When I initially received the square cocktail napkins featured in the Special Edition Mother's Day Embroidery Kit, I immediately thought of Albers and I thought it would be fun to create my own versions of the Homage to the Square. What do you think?? 


Above right: Homage to the Square: Apparition, 1959 © 2018 The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


The Geometric Period in Ancient Greece 

Since I was little, I have been fascinated by the visual culture of Ancient Greece. I recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art - my heaven - and for the millionth time I poured over the thousands of objects and artworks from Ancient Greece, marveling at the virtuosity and creativity that was demonstrated almost three thousand years ago. 

The Geometric period lasted from about 900 to 700 BCE. The period's name is derived from the dominance of geometric motifs in vase painting. The two primary vessels that you will often seen are kraters (an Ancient Greek vessel for mixing wine and water), and amphorae (a two-handled jar with a narrow neck that was used in ancient times to store or carry wine or oils - see above).

Although the style seems simple, the works are highly refined. I thought it would be interesting to adapt the designs typically painted on the bronze or terra cotta vessels and embroider similar patterns on some linen placemats that I recently found.

**** Extra Treats!!!! ****

I wanted to share a few things that have been on my radar the past few months that you may enjoy getting into....! 

First, this fantastic New Yorker article that is actually a book review of several books, but it's all about one of my favorite topics: the joys and health benefits to LIFELONG LEARNING! It is a truly fascinating read and very

Next, some of you may remember that I used to include playlists in the vintage A-L-P newsletters, often featuring music played during our workshops. I stopped for a while, but due to popular demand, it's back baby! Here's a Spotify playlist  of some jams that have been on rotation for the past several months. 

I recently stumbled across this gem of an article: Study Finds Americans Would Rather Have Artistic Hobbies Than a Netflix Subscription - and thought it would be a fun one to share. 

Do you want more Extra Treats in future newsletters? LMK!!!

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